About School

Welcome to Sanmati Vidhya Mandir Public School

Sanmati Vidhya Mandir Public School provide best education to the children. The purpose to nurture the unique potential of the student entrusted in our care. It aims to offer a liberal and enlightened environment in education to keep pace with the dynamic trends, which is eco-friendly, pollution free, well built and equipped with latest artifacts, it lies in the heart of the city.

We at " Sanmati Vidhya Mandir Public School " are committed towards meeting the challenges of the modern era.. dovetailing much of the ethos of the new post-independence India into its educational program and philosophy.


Real Understanding Through an Integrated Approach

Understanding is different for knowledge, we aim to translate our belief that "Every Child is Unique" A School is a micro-system where the teachers, the curriculum, examinations, the environment, the infrastructure, the activities- all come together to nurture the unique potential of the child. The curriculum is based on the most advanced methods of teaching. It also incorporates higher order thinking skills, multiple intelligence, technology and multimedia. The management, Principal and the team of committed faculty members are moving ahead in tune with times to achieve the benchmarks set.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Actions speak louder than words.